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    Hi I do like.
    So,my name is Danny Claudel from Burundi.I’m 21 and
    I like singing gospel music.I never smoke and drink.I’m honest,
    serious,sincere,direct,generous,calm.I like also reading various books,
    watching tv,playing foot…I speak french and English.I’m student in
    Lycée and I’m seeking a beauty white girl to be a wife of my life.How
    old are you and how did you find my e-mail?What do you for living.
    See my photo attached bellow,if you are interrested in me.Do send
    yours unto me and tell me your opinion.Welcome to Burundi a beatiful country
    with a super climat.I know what is happening to Montréal now.I have a friend there.
    Happy to hear from you soonest.Best regards from your New friend Danny.Marry Christimas and happy new year.